Zum Boxer Klub München

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Günter Kirschen
Leharstr. 77
86179 Augsburg,
Tel. 0821-86245

gegründet 1895, im Verband für das deutsche Hundewesen e.V

Itineraries - How to travel

The nearest Airport is Munich airport. It is 100 KM distance and takes 1.5 to 2 hours to Augsburg by car. We can make arrangements for you for a shuttle service from / to the airport. You can also travel by train.

If you come by car, please use the highway A92, A99 and A8 exit 72 Augsburg West. Then drive south to Landsberg / Füssen. After 8 KM turn right in Gabelsberger Str. (Burger King right) and follow the Boxer Signs to the stadium.

Official address of the stadium

(Gögginger Stadion)
Pfarrer-Bogner-Str. 20
86199 Augsburg

For details look at www.maporama.com or other Internet maps.

Zum  Stadtplan Augsburg



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