Zum Boxer Klub München

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02. Mai  2005

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Günter Kirschen
Leharstr. 77
86179 Augsburg,
Tel. 0821-86245

gegründet 1895, im Verband für das deutsche Hundewesen e.V

We are looking forward to see you in Germany
 ATIBOX IPO world championships 2005
23./24. April in Augsburg.


Please visit this English pages from time to time for further information
or contact (best by Fax or email):

Gerda Springer
Boxer-Klub Team Augsburg

Phone: +49-821-57 49 83
 NEU Fax: +49-8231-91 62 83
eMail: Gerda.Springer@bk-augsburg.de

Team registration finished

For hotel reservation and camp grounds visit hotel reservation

Remark: I kindly ask the native English speakers for giving me some references to improve the  quality of this English pages. I am not a professional translator. Please send it to Günter Kirschen



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